Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ethics of Copyright Laws

Do Students Respect Intellectual Property?
Is it right to use someone’s information without having permission? That question has been going been going around for many years. In today’s classroom’s students are assigned projects that call for looking up information on the web these days more than back in the older days of using books, magazines or encyclopedia’s. Students sometimes do not see the wrong doing of not getting a copyright approval from the person who either made the video or wrote the article. Even teachers are sometimes in fault of doing this even without thinking or just don’t care. So if teachers are not following the rules then students will think, if the teacher is doing this so can we. It is the teacher’s responsibility to make sure they and the students follow the intellectual property of using a copyright.

In response to this video and its relation to the article, I think students should know it is very important to have standards and a “code of ethics” about the internet when using someone else’s work. Even though this video may not pertain to the “code of ethics” discussed in the articles we read students still need to know right from wrong. The video showed how Web 2.0 and the internet are used into day’s school and students need to understand these standards of copyright laws. The internet has become so important to our society today. The internet is not just for chatting with friends or find long lost lovers anymore, it’s used for writing papers, conducting interviews with other people or clients and even talking to people in other countries that we do business with. Mostly students are hopefully using the internet and Web 2.0 for educational use since they are the future of our next generation. If students are not taught at a very young age the right way to use the computer they could be putting their self into jeopardy. The video suggested that students have the technology to use, but the “how to” is not taught in classrooms or university’s these days. Students need to be taught to be respectful of other people’s property and use honesty when using the internet for sourcing out information.

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