Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Being Creative with Eportfoilio

Designing ePortfolio 2.0: Integrating and Coordinating Web 2.0 Services with ePortfolio Systems for enhancing User’s Learning
Have through reading this article it is pretty neat how a student can possibly express their self in an ePortfolio. If a student is shy about explaining their self to other people he or she can make an ePorfolio using on the technology we have today on the Web and using Web 2.0. Some people are saying that possible these portfolios are lacking flexibility, peer review and group collaboration. This article showed new ways to integrate a new design that coordinates using Web 2.0 services into ePortfolio to enhance the learning experiences for individuals as well as the community. The article conducts a preliminary survey study to show perceived values in ePortfolio and Web 2.0 services. With using this survey they can better understand what people are thinking of the way of the way Web 2.0 can better our ePortfolios.

With the use of ePortfolio’s students have a variety of ways to express their selves these days. A student can use so much technology on the Web and using Web 2.0 to come up with many different things. Using a portfolio tells a story about a person, place, thing or something the student might enjoy doing. The video showed many different scenes that can be used to make a portfolio look the way a student wants it to look to explain a certain event that has happened in their life. The students can use a Movie Maker, Photo Story, Blog or even a Wiki. I can recall back just drawing pictures of events that had happen in my life to tell a story, now a days you can take a picture or even shoot a video. It is pretty awesome how technology has grown in the last few years. The video also said the art of the portfolio is in the eye of the beholder. When making the ePortfolio make sure you use “authenticity” make sure it is your work and not some else. There was a great quote in the video “we do not learn from experience...we learn from reflecting on experience”-Dewey
So the real question we can ask ourselves is. What is our Story?


  1. I posted on Courtney's blog that I loved her video. You also used the same one. I like it explains what a portfolio is and the types of programs you can use to build your portfolio.

  2. This video does a great job summarizing an electronic portfolio. The images and content both add wonderful visuals of the numerous uses of an eportfolio.